You Find the Candidate, We Handle the Rest

Our Provider Contracting Organization (PCO) medical platform offers a complete and affordable outsourced solution for Provider Contracting, Pay, and Malpractice insurance for your facility or practice.

We Provide All The Contracts

We provide payroll management, benefits, HR, tax administration, regulatory compliance assistance, and all the difficult paperwork associated with hiring a medical professional.

We Schedule and Pay The Provider

Make payments to Physician (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) with the use of our proprietary “TMDEaseAPP,” reduce the timesheet-to-payment process down to just a single click.

We Provide the Medical Malpractice Insurance

We work closely with you to understand the specific needs and risks of your business and to craft a coverage package tailored for you.

The Client Decides What To Pay The Provider

We function like an off-site HR department helping small to midsize businesses who lack the the resources or bandwidth to handle HR management on their own.

Already have the ideal medical professional in mind for your firm, practice or hospital?

Our solution is ideal for your new or current Providers whose arrangement may be Independent Contractor (IC), Part-time, PRN, Float Pool, Call, and/or Direct Locums.

Our mission ignites purpose to healthcare again.

Remember the first nurse that inspired you to follow in their footsteps or the first patient that held your hand? TempMD keeps the dream of healthcare alive. From coast to coast we take the hassle out of healthcare staffing. Wherever your flight takes you, we’ll be your guide.

TempMD is an online platform that allows healthcare professionals and clients to schedule locum tenens assignments directly with each other without the traditional locum tenens company playing the middleman.

  • Large current database of providers to help clients find candidates
  • Low fees allow clients to pay providers more and still pay rates below market rates
  • Easy to use online platform allows all paperwork to be accessed and completed online

Clients and healthcare professionals may each set up free accounts which then allows them to post their open needs (in the case of clients) and post their schedule availability (in the case of providers).

  • Providers may also post the hourly rate they are looking to earn
  • Clients can post the amount they are willing to pay for their open assignments
  • Clients can peruse the database of providers to find qualified candidates for their assignments, while
  • Providers can search the job listings to find attractive opportunities

You can “Try Before you buy” to make sure that the new Provider that you selected:

  • Provides the patient care you desire
  • Works well with your clinical staff
  • The new Provider fits well within your community.

Medical & HealthCare Solutions

When you sign on with TempMD, a team dedicated to your search goes to work with a recruiter spearheading the search for qualified candidates. With our access to an expansive database of Providers as a source that is updated daily, plus a dedicated marketing effort, your recruiter will identify and present, for interview only, those qualified candidates that are genuinely interested in your opportunity.

Our candidate screening process involves detailed credentialing and licensing verification, performed by our experienced, credentialing staff.

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